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Reverse Job Description

I'm back on the market! I'm trying something new for my next job. In this reverse jd, I'll share some qualities of the role I'm looking for.

Why I joined Alto Pharmacy

After a thorough job search, I recently started working at Alto Pharmacy. In this post, I share why Alto is a special opportunity that I feel truly privileged to be a part of.‌

My journey to 9 software engineering offers: part 2

This is a continuation of this post []. In this post, I'll share my learnings from receiving an offer, onwards to signing. Before I begin, some readers had asked about organizing methodology. I recommend

My journey to 9 software engineering offers: part 1

Four months ago, I quit my software engineering job at Redfin. Over the following months, I interviewed with 20+ companies, completed 12 onsites, and received nine software engineering offers from companies including Google, Dropbox, Amazon, and more: Companies I received